Chris Holbert   
State Representative
Colorado House District 44

Parker • Lone Tree
Experience we can count on!
"Having principled positions is not about winning or losing.
Having principled
positions is about holding to those positions regardless of the outcome."

Elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2010, Chris Holbert quickly gained recognition as a credible constitutional conservative. In 2011, Representative Holbert was rated the #1 "Guardian of Liberty" by Liberty Watch Colorado. He also became the highest rated member of the Douglas County state legislative delegation with the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014) and with Principles of Liberty (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014). During the 2014 Colorado General Session, Chris was one of seven state legislators to have earned a 100% rating with the Colorado Union of Taxpayers and the prestigious "Taxpayer Champion" designation.

During the 2013 Colorado General Session when the Democrats forced through their infamous "gun control" agenda, supporters of the Second Amendment came to appreciate Chris' uncompromising stance on the Right to keep and bear arms. Chris has pledged to not negotiate with the Rights of law-abiding citizens and to never compromise on the Second Amendment.

Chris is president of The Earn Principle, LLC, where he
provides consulting services in the areas of profitability and effective advocacy. Chris also coaches candidates and campaigns in the areas of data and messaging. Prior to establishing his own company, Chris served as president of a statewide trade association where he fulfilled the duties of executive director and spokesperson representing over 6,000 businesspeople in Colorado. Chris led that association to record profitability and membership by encouraging staff to deliver value through education, administration, representation, and networking, which is the basis of "The EARN Principle."

Chris has been involved in federal and state legislative and regulatory matters pertaining to the real estate industry since 1992, and in the automobile industry during the preceding seven years.  From Denver to Washington, D.C., Mr. Holbert has advocated with success within the executive and legislative branches of government. Mr. Holbert has a solid track record of value delivery, bottom line profitability, effective communications, and principled representation. Both Democrats and Republicans in the Colorado General Assembly, and members of the Colorado Congressional delegation, have praised Chris’ principled, respectful, and informed advocacy based on truth and accountability.

Carson, Diane, Victor & Chris
Teaching and public speaking are passions for Chris. He has spent countless hours educating peop
le throughout Colorado about the two-year election cycle, caucus system, and how to affect positive change.  Constituents and friends enjoy Chris' "Effective Advocacy 101" posts via his FaceBook page. Author of a blog article titled,The Independent Myth,” Chris also seeks opportunities to share with Colorado voters how being registered as "unaffiliated" makes one completely dependent on the very parties they wish to avoid.

Married in 1986, Chris and Diane Holbert are parents of two sons: Victor and Carson.  Chris enjoys bow hunting and has climbed 39 of the 54 “14’ers” in Colorado.