Chris Holbert   
State Senator
District 30
Northern & Western Douglas County

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Senate Republicans recognized as the "adults in the room."

     Colorado Springs Gazette, February 17, 2017

Colorado Senate Republicans Elect New Leadership

     Senator Chris Holbert elected as Majority Leader, November 10, 2017

Senator Chris Holbert takes over as Chairman of Business, Labor & Technology Committee

     Denver Business Journal, January 2016

Colorado Senate wins "Hop the Vote" Competition!

     Senator Chris Holbert becomes first back-to-back winner of Brewer's Trophy! February 18, 2017

Representative Chris Holbert (R, Douglas County) receives "Common Sense in the Courtroom" award

Colorado Civil Justice League, September 15, 2014

State House wins "Hop the Vote" Competition

Colorado House trumps Senate in legislative brewing competition

Representative Holbert introduces bill to repeal the "mag ban"

NRA-ILA News, February 10, 2014

RMGO/Human Events, Februray 9, 2014

Denver Post, February 8, 2014

Interviews with Comcast Newsmakers

2014 - Upholding freedom and liberty

- Know those who represent you

Representative Holbert introduces bill to repeal legislator license plates

January 13, 2014 - Brian Maass, CBS4, "State Rep. Moves to Abolish Special Plates for Legislators"

January 15, 2014 - Kurtis Lee, The Denver Post,
"Special Plates for Colorado lawmakers could be driven out"

February 26, 2014 - Brian Maass, CBS4, "Special plates stay, but changes sought"

Department of Revenue offers apology and reimbursement to collector vehicle owners

Shaun Boyd, CBS4, "Department of Revenue admits mistake over emissions testing"

News Archive

Hitachi coming to Douglas County

Congratulations and job well done to Douglas County Commissioner Jill Repella for her leadership and hard work to bring companies and good paying jobs to Douglas County. The Denver Business Journal reported on Friday, October 5, 2012 that Hitachi Data Systems will open a 200-worker hub in the Meridian Corporate Center, located between Parker and Lone Tree. The story explains how legislation to achieve business personal property tax relief contributed to those negotiations. See "Denver Business Journal" below for more information about the cooperative leadership effort between Douglas County Commissioner Jill Repella, Representative Chris Holbert (R-Parker), and Senator Mark Scheffel (R-Parker) to pass that legislation.

Child and Family Investigator Reform

Senator Morgan Carroll, (D-Aurora) and Representative Chris Holbert, (R-Parker) teamed up to achieve transparency in family courts. Westword reports on their efforts to achieve bipartisan reform in the face of strong lobby opposition. Senate Bill 56 passed the Senate 35-0 and the House 62 Yes, 0 No, 3 Excused.

Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry

View Representative Holbert's voting record as monitored by CACI

Representative Chris Holbert one of 26 incumbent legislators endorsed by CACI

Colorado Association of Realtors®

Representative Chris Holbert earns support in the 2012 CAR Voter Guide

Colorado Right to Life

2014 State Senate Candidate, District 30, "Rep. Chris Holbert (R) has responded to the survey and has rigorously affirmed he is pro-life."

2010 & 2012 State House District 44 - Representative Chris Holbert receives 100% Rating and recognition as a "leader of pro-life legislators in the House."

Colorado Statesman

Representatives Rhonda Fields (D-Denver) and Chris Holbert (R-Parker) craft parent empowerment bill, House Bill 12-1013, to address dropout rates through middle school interventions.

Colorado Union of Taxpayers

2014 CUT Ratings: Representative Chris Holbert one of seven to achieve 100% rating, gains prestigious "Taxpayer Champion" designation

2013 CUT Ratings

2012 CUT Ratings

2011 CUT Ratings

Denver Business Journal

Governor John Hickenlooper signs Holbert/Scheffel tax measure into law. Douglas County residents have reason to be proud of their legislators and the leadership demonstrated by Douglas County Commissioner Jill Repella.

Working with Douglas County Commissioner Jill Repella, Representative Chris Holbert (R-Parker) and Senator Mark Scheffel (R-Parker) receive unanimous bi-partisan support for business personal property tax relief. The final votes in each chamber on House Bill 12-1029 tally 98 Yes, 0 No, 2 Excused.

Economic Development Council of Colorado

Representative Chris Holbert named one of EDCC's "Legislators of the Year"

Liberty Watch - Colorado

Representative Chris Holbert recognized as 2012 "Champion for Liberty"

: Representative Chris Holbert recognized as the #1 "Guardian of Liberty" in the State House of Representatives

National Rifle Association

Representative Chris Holbert receives "A" rating

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Representative Chris Holbert (R-Parker) becomes first to pass Constitutional Carry through the State House of Representatives on a 40-25 bipartisan vote.

Representative Chris Holbert (R-Parker) becomes first to
pass "Make My Day Better" through the State House of Representatives on a 35-26 bipartisan vote.

University of Denver, Daniels College of Business

In 2011 and 2012, Representative Holbert hosted the incoming class of international students at the Daniels College of Business for a tour of the Colorado Capitol. Students, particularly from China, are amazed at the access and freedom enjoyed by visitors to the Capitol Building. Click here to view photos of the 2012 tour, which was co-hosted by State Senator Tim Neville (R-Jefferson County).